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Get more out of your journal.

Unleash your inner wisdom with our thoughtfully curated prompts, guided journaling programs, and a vibrant community of journal enthusiasts.

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Why Us

Guided Journaling

Explore guided journal prompts in our app designed to help you focus on and enhance specific areas of your life.

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Bring Your Own Journal

Our app is meant to be used alongside your written journal. The app is compatible with all devices and is meant to enhance your journal, not replace it.

Tools For Focused Writing

Level up in key areas of your life with prompts created to point your mind and your pen toward your goals and desires.

Stay On Track

Our built-in trackers let you monitor your progress and see how journaling affects your mood and energy levels over time.


Connect with other journalers for support and accountability as we journal through life together. 

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Featured Program

Journal Prompts For Therapy

Get more out of therapy with guided journaling programs for before and after your sessions.  100% FREE.  Try it out!

journal party podcast

The Journal Party Podcast

Tune in weekly for a funky journal jam sesh as we journal through guided journal prompts as a community on The Journal Party Podcast.

Available on

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