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Meet your journal's new BFF.

Finally, An App For Pen & Paper Journalers

Get more out of your journal with hundreds of journal prompts, guided journaling programs, and a growing community of journalers.


It's the perfect companion for those who keep a written journal.

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Journal Party App screenshot - Journal Prompt

Get More Out Of Your Journal With Our Journaling Prompts App

Guided Journaling With Journal Prompts

Level up in key life areas with hundreds of journal prompts, guided journaling sequences, trackers, and weekly journal jam sessions all inside the app.

Not Like Other Journal Apps

Our app is meant to enhance your journal, not replace it.  This is NOT a digital journal. There is nowhere to write your journal entries in the app. Write on whatever you like, but this app is BYOJ (bring your own journal!)

Community Support And Accountability

Join our growing community of journalers for support and accountability as we journal through life together.

Looking for journal prompt apps?

Ready to take your journaling to the next level?  Introducing the ultimate tool for self-reflection, exploration, and discovery: The Journal Party Journal Companion App! This revolutionary journaling app helps you explore your innermost thoughts and feelings through insightful writing exercises. It features a wide variety of engaging journaling prompts, including open-ended questions, thought experiments, and creative challenges.


All prompts are designed to stimulate self-reflection and encourage personal growth. Plus, they're fun to do! Whether you use this app to start a journaling routine or just need some creative inspiration on demand, it will help you uncover insights about yourself and explore new ideas.


Download the app and try it for free now to start your journey into self-discovery through journaling today!

Journal Prompts app on mobile device next to a journal, pen, and sunglasses

"Whether it's health, wealth, relationships, or even just for fun, Journal Party has writing prompts for whatever the day brings."

Keeping a daily journal is a great way to reflect on the struggles and successes of our day-to-day lives. With this new kind of journal app, it's now easier than ever to take control of your personal growth journey. Our journaling prompts app provides an array of insightful journal prompts that are tailored to spark ideas and creativity. These writing prompts draw attention to issues that may typically get overlooked, such as relationships with ourselves and others, emotions, values, priorities, and more.


Not only does our journaling prompts app help you build self-awareness and clarity about yourself, but it can also provide vital insights for making more conscious decisions in all areas of life. Additionally, writing in your journal regularly allows you to track progress over time, from both external and internal sources.


This app enhances your journal but it doesn't replace it. Keeping this app alongside your journal is a foolproof way to stay motivated on your personal growth journey!

Journal Party App screenshot of guided journal prompt

Download our prompted journaling app now!

Ready to get more out of your journal? Journal Party is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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